The Law Firm

Founded by lawyer Bertrand de LACGER, an experienced lawyer specialized in real estate law since 1999. LB AVOCAT assists you and represents you in any transaction and litigation in this field.

The Origins

Bertrand de LACGER, a lawyer admitted to the Paris Bar since 1999, founded LB AVOCAT on the 1st January of 2016 after a double experience in international law firms (LPA-CGR Lawyers and then DS Lawyers) on the one hand and, on the other hand, as an associate and then partner of BRUNO BOCCARA ASSOCIES, a well-known law firm in the field of commercial leases, where he practiced for twelve years.

He is a graduate of Pantheon-Assas University (DEA in Business Law, DESS in Real Estate Law).

Our Philosophy

Bertrand de LACGER wanted to give his firm a triple opening:



LB AVOCAT adopts a transversal approach to real estate law that opens up to almost the entire real estate industry while focusing on three areas of excellence: commercial leases, professional and residential leases and co-ownership.



Many of LB AVOCAT’s clients have an international dimension, are settled abroad (expatriates) or plan to invest in France.

LB AVOCAT responds to this need by proposing to approach any external stakeholder and then adapts its advice by making it intelligible.


Social & Human

There is not the lawyer on the one hand and the client on the other, but the desire to establish a healthy and lasting relationship from the first contact, regardless of the importance of the case.

It is also for the purpose of exchange and service that LB AVOCAT regularly offers since 2015 its expertise by answering questions from users on the website, the main site for announcements of transfers of business assets and lease rights in France.

A Firm Specialized in Real Estate Law, Human Size

Good listening skills

Listening has always been at the heart of LB AVOCAT’s philosophy. Contacting a human-sized structure means establishing a healthy and lasting relationship with a lawyer you know and who knows you.


Regardless of what is at stake or the nature of your request, you will always find the door open at LB AVOCAT. Because it is reassuring to know that you can quickly and reliably obtain an answer to an urgent need, LB AVOCAT will always be available to you by email or telephone.

Favouring a personalized treatment

For each file with all actors in real estate law: institutions, investors, SCPIs, OPCIs, property dealers, landowners, foundations, legal protection insurers, property administrators, trustees, retailers or independents, architects, individuals and for all types of assets.

The Rent Journal

In addition to his consulting and litigation activities, Bertrand de LACGER has been a regular author of The Rent Journal since 2008, the leading review of lease and co-ownership’s law, and a member of specialized associations.

Articles published

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